Two Hotels in Dubai: Al Seef Heritage Hotel & Hotel Riu Dubai

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Al Seef Heritage Hotel

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Change of Scenery Guaranteed

This hotel has that “je ne sais quoi” that I really liked! The constructions of the Al Seef district are recent constructions inspired by the historic pearl fishing port at the origin of the Dubai Creek. The Al Seef Heritage Hotel extends over a dozen traditional Arab houses (bayts), with all modern comforts. A small walk from the reception desk to access the bayt in which our room is located. During the day, the souk is quite touristy, but not crowed. And in the evening it is even more pleasant.

Our room is large with character without being stuffy or maximalist. I really liked the heavy wooden doors. From our balcony we have a wonderful view of the river’s banks. The bed is very comfortable and the bathroom very practical with a drying rack. Like the feeling of being in a setting of 19th century writers, poets and travelers, or even orientalist painters. Here and there, antique objects.

We took our breakfasts and almost all our dinners at the hotel, because we often come home late. The restaurant closes at 11 p.m.: very very pleasant to be alone, sit down and enjoy the coolness on one of the terraces (photo below). Eat meze and a chicken or beef shawarma. Then stroll through the narrow streets that are less and less crowded as time goes on. Some merchants leave their products outside overnight, apparently there is no problem with theft.

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Hotel Riu Dubai

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To swim in the waters of the Persian Gulf

Different neighborhood, different atmosphere. For the end of our Dubai getaway, we just wanted to swim in the emerald waters of the Persian Gulf and stay in a beach hotel in a “desert “area. The Hotel Riu Dubai shares this long wide strip of beach with a single neighboring hotel. And from the balcony of our suite, I could spend hours and hours contemplating the sea, if the wind wasn’t blowing.

Cold at first, the sea water is very salty and there is current. The perfect conditions to encourage you to swim in sport mode. The swimming area is delimited by buoys and under the supervision of a lifeguard. After the effort, the comfort with the very good lunch and dinner buffets. A festival of flavors we enjoy on the terrace of the main restaurant, overlooking the swimming pools and gardens.

For a short weekend, we felt like we were on vacation, after rushing around Dubai. Although the hotel has 750 rooms, we managed to find islands of calm and tranquility, where to read a good book, daydream in the shade of a palm tree during the hottest hours and above all swim! In the suite, I really appreciated having space: a comfortable dressing room, spacious bathroom and good bedding.

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Al Seef Heritage Hotel & Hotel Riu Dubai


Many thanks to Al Seef Heritage Hotel and Hotel Riu Dubai for these beautiful invitations. As always, these are my opinions.

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