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Thank you for your interest in advertising on Mademoiselle Le K: Blog-Trotter

I’m a Storyteller, a Photographer, a Web Content Creator/Consultant and the Founder of Mademoiselle Le K: Blog-Trotter. I started the blog in late December 2007.

I share in Mademoiselle Le K: Blog-Trotter, visual stories, reviews and interviews based on my personal experiences of travels, lifestyle, beauty and fashion. For seven years, this luxury niche blog has grown and today reaches a large number of discerning readers.

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Advertisers and projects are chosen based on their relevance to Mademoiselle Le K: Blog-Trotter‘s audience.

If your company is related to luxury travel, lifestyle (tech, interior design, gastronomy & scuba diving), beauty, wellness and fashion, we could work together.

Sponsorships could be: sponsored posts, banner advertising, contests, giveaways, chats (on Twitter), brand ambassadorship or representing the company at events.

Media Appearances

If you want to do an interview, or booking a TV appearance or speaking engagement (in English or French) about blogging & luxury travel / luxury hotel (design, gastronomy, wellness) and lifestyle design, please use the contact form

Press Trips

Mademoiselle Le K: Blog-Trotter is a singular luxury niche blog. I prefer organizing tailor-made press trips to offer an exclusive content to my readers. Do not hesitate to contact me, if you would consider a press trip. I have already collaborated with several brands, airlines and Tourism boards.

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