Emirates Business Class

Night Flight

The Elegant Black Limousine

The first step of my Business class flight on Emirates begins with an elegant black limousine pick me at home to drive me to Zaventem airport. This very useful pleasant service I have never experienced with other companies, is included in your Business class tickets. I’m leaving for Dubai with a night flight. While waiting to board, I stop at the Emirates lounge for Business and First Class. As I spent lots of time in the terminals shops, I didn’t stay long in the lounge where I had a drink. But you also can eat there, quietly work on your laptop, or cool off. There are showers too.

Finally I get in the Business cabin quite intimate (there are few seats) and what a fantastic surprise! Space everywhere! My seat is near three windows. The seat is wide and extremely comfortable, with a kind of mini bar, large screen, iPad and materials reminiscent of wood. And the top-notch: the large space between the seat and the screen and the flute of champagne that you are offered while waiting to take off. I preferred a mocktail and have only one desire: to put myself in “bed” mode. Quite quickly after takeoff, the à la carte dinner is served. I ate a really delicious meat. I do not even speak of the kindness of the hostess who took care of me.

Once, the thin mattress placed on the seat by the hostess, I felt asleep until almost landing. Neither film nor gimmick. Waking up is a pleasure : no aches, fatigue etc… The plane arrives early in the morning in Dubai. After collecting my luggage, I am redirected to the Emirates lounge, while waiting for the limousine that will take me to my hotel (again : this service is included in the ticket). Everything is done quickly, efficiently and calmly. Hello Dubai!

Day Flight

A Break At The Emirates Lounge

My return flight to Brussels is a day flight. Usualy, I prefer night flights, because, I have the feeling to optimize my time. This is not an exact science (lol!). Here too, the famous black limousine picks me at myy hotel to drop me off at the Emirates terminal at Dubai airport, only for Business and First class departures. After going through customs, you reach the common terminal with all the shops, restaurants and the Emirates lounge for Business and First Class.

The size of the living room is quite impressive, bathed in natural light with several small sitting areas, showers, a large buffet of varied hot dishes… Everyone can find a quiet space to work, or have fun while waiting to go upstairs. edge . On the plane, I’m lucky to have the same seat as on the way out. Sitting down, I discover the double blinds of my windows : one is a kind of “origami” accordion. I know it’s a small detail, but luxury is all about details. This time I will test the big screen to watch a movie or two.

Lunch is served: I take the same dishes as on the way out, including the delicious Arab meze starter. The team of hostesses and stewarts has changed, but the service is still just as efficient, polite (without being stuffy) and smiling (I’ve noticed even in second class: extremely rare today!). I chat with a Swedish hostess who explains to me the teams are made up of people who come from all over the world. Very cool: in my opinion, it allows travelers to always find someone in the team to connect with.

We arrive in Brussels, I don’t want to leave my comfy seat. It never happens to me! While collecting my luggage, I receive a message on my mobile: the limousine’s driver is waiting for me to drop me off at home (service included in the tickets, I know I’m repeating myself!). Home Sweet Home! Well, well… It’s going to be very difficult to travel in second class, after this fantastic Emirates Business class experience! My best flight experience!

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Many thanks to Emirates for this beautiful invitation. As always, these are my opinions.

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