Croatia: My Cruise In The Islands


A Cruise In The Croatian Islands


Disclaimer: this trip was made several months before
the lockdown following Covid-19. I am currently at home.

I usually get seasick. So planning a cruise in Croatia, I was both very excited (because I had already traveled to Croatia and liked it a lot), but also a little concerned. How to deal with seasick for eight days on the nice medium-sized yacht privatized by the travel agency, Blauwe Vogel, for a group of ten travelers? And this is where the magic of the Mediterranean operated (LOL)! Not once did I feel seasick!

On the program: stops at Miljet, Hvar, Brac, Split, Markasa, Korcula and the stunning Dubrovnik. Beautiful landscapes, warm water between ultramarine blue and turquoise, typical villages and historic cities. An explosion of colors and sensations, the beauty of Croatia combined with the one of the Mediterranean Sea. With the friend who accompanied me, at each stopover, we organized an activity, such as for example at Miljet, where we biked along the steep coastline.

Each evening, we also choose a restaurant where to dine. Besides, I ate the best homemade ice cream in Hvar, “my” favorite island of this whole trip (relaxed and joyful atmosphere). If I’m honest, I really liked ALL the stops, even Split which I didn’t like as much as the others, because of the crowds. But we managed to walk through some quiet streets (without tourists) of the old town. Back on board, our cabin with a bathroom, although very simple was very clean and comfortable with the air co. Between two stops, we threw ink into the open sea to bathe. The dream.

Our itinerary in pictures below.

Days 1 & 2:  Arrival In Dubrovnik & Miljet

Day 3:  Hvar

Day 4:  The Beach Of Bol In Brac Island & Split

Day 5: Pusisca In Brac Island & Makarska

Jour 6: Korcula

Days 7 & 8: Dubrovnik & Departure To Brussels


Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés

Informations, Croatia National Tourism Board

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Many thanks to Deblauwe Vogel for this amazing invitation. As always these opinions are my own. 

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